What matter is you.


The mother sit quietly. She carried a little girl in her arms. Than she started to begin her story.

Once upon a time, there was a little witch who want to became a Santa. Everybody made fun of her, because it is a ridiculous things. And it is impossible for all of them.

One day  a little girl  met a Santa. She asked him, “can I become a Santa?”. Than he replied, ” why not? If you really want, you can”.

Years later, she met the old great witch. She asked her, “can I become a Santa ?”. Than the old witch replied, ” nobody can”.

Suddenly, her kid stopped her. ” so the Santa lied her?”.

The mother continued, ” no, he didn’t. Both of them didn’t lie”. Nobody can, but it isn’t mean you can’t. It’s a matter of you.

Immediately, I woke up from my dream while in the middle of the night. Trying to figure out what its spiritually mean to me?

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