My perfection isn’t about being your perfection.

Everyone definite, “the perfection as the unicorn that didn’t existed”. So if i added, the unicorn will be perfect is it didn’t eat for living.

There was the person, once he told me that i am good in most of the things. But my imperfection are subborness and didn’t listen to what he wants me to do. So it made me thought, “Is perfection is about being of what everyone think as the best of what they want?” 

People want difference things. People definite things in difference ways. If my perfection is about being the best of what everyone’s want. I will trying till i die, and it still can not be.

There maybe some people are wrong about what is perfection. And some people used its to conderm other in the jealousing ways. There maybe perfection is so easy. It isn’t about being 10 in 10. It isn’t about being what the best of other people think. It is about being the best of yourself can be.

“My Perfection isn’t about being your Perfection”.

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