Girls, go and looking for your distant dream!

girls, go and looking for your distant dream.
When i was a little, my dad asked me “what you want to be when you grow up?”. I still so young at that time to know what i want to become. So, he gave me the choices between being a lawyer and a doctor. I still had no idea. What life will be in the future? 

After i graduated high school, my score is excellent. And i chose to study law. A starting new is always the excising one. I thought of being a lawyer will be cool. But the more you know, the more endless dream to you want to go. The more i extended my knowledge, my dream become bigger. At year two, my goal will not stop at just being a lawyer any more. I want to be a judge. But what is going to come next, when i graduated B.A. Yeah… It will not stop. My endless dream still continue. I want to be a politician. 

Looking forward to when i was a little, i am sure i am change. And my dad change too. I told him about my dream. He laughed and said, ” i like that, but you are so much daydream, baby.” Well, how life can change that is, but i am ok with that. I never looking for outside support, i trusted on my own. Because i am so independent and hard to control in my own parent’s view.

To be continue……….

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